Spruce Media Designated a Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer by Facebook® PMD Program


San Francisco, CA (September 21, 2012) – Spruce Media, an enterprise class software solution built from the ground up exclusively for Facebook Ads, today announced that it has earned the distinction of being named a Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) by Facebook—the highest distinction of excellence Facebook has ever offered PMD members. The PMD program’s mission is to help developers build products that make social marketing easier and more effective. As a Strategic PMD company, Spruce Media has proven expertise in the social mechanics and technical possibilities of the Facebook Platform. Spruce Media’s technology integrates with Facebook’s ad platform to offer more robust functionality for large-scale ad management while improving optimization by pulling in data from pages, posts, and custom apps.

Since Facebook and social marketing is vastly different from traditional marketing, under this PMD distinction, brands and their agencies can more confidently rely on Spruce Media to help them navigate various Facebook products, develop social campaign strategies, and execute and measure the results of their investments.

According to Facebook, the companies they have selected have clearly demonstrated “unique capabilities that help marketers scale and achieve efficiency, and extend measurably beyond the functionality of Facebook’s native tools.” Companies in the PMD program are reviewed periodically by Facebook, and must demonstrate an ongoing high standard of excellence.

“My vision for Spruce has always been in aligning ourselves with the long-term vision of Facebook,” said Rob Jewell, Founder and CEO, Spruce Media. “This designation is a huge acceptance of this. We expect with this new designation an increased level of access to Facebook development which will allow us to better optimize our applications, toolsets, and platforms designed for conversations and relationships with a brand’s customers – or to put in more accurately – word of mouth marketing at scale.”

Spruce Media’s sophisticated Facebook Ads API technology can be used Self-Serve or combined with a dedicated team of account management and media buying specialists. The platform features fully automated bid and budget management, multi-variant ad creation, and hyper-targeting at scale. It’s built for the enterprise client with multi-client, multi-user interface, customizable roles, and efficiency tools designed to help media buyers manage several clients simultaneously.

About Spruce Media

Spruce Media is one of the leading Facebook Ads API Partners. As a designated Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, Spruce helps top agencies and advertisers spend large budgets efficiently on Facebook.  Founded in 2010, Spruce has developed a robust technology platform integrating ad creation, bid management, and analytics into one easy to use yet powerful interface.  The Spruce platform has been built from the ground up for Facebook and it customizes its solution to its wide array of customers including advertisers, agencies, and trading desks.  The Spruce software can be licensed or coupled with Spruce’s dedicated media buying and account management specialists who can execute fully managed campaigns.

For more information visit: www.sprucemedia.com.


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