Sponsormob Brings Advanced Technology to Mobile Advertising


As more and more consumers around the globe are weaving their mobile devices into the fabric of their lives, advertisers who find the most effective methods to capitalize on this trend will find themselves head and shoulders above their competitors.

Among the industry leaders in mobile conversion solutions is Sponsormob, the Berlin-based tech firm that began life in 2006 as the first CPA network for the mobile web. Under the direction of CEO Peter Glaeser and COO Jet Patel, the company has survived and thrived by anticipating the rapidly changing landscape of the mobile web and providing an array of solutions that deliver measurable and proven results to their ad clients.

Late last month, we spoke with Brendhan Hight (pictured), Sponsormob’s VP for Business Development, about the company’s ongoing evolution.

ADOTAS: Tell us about your latest product, Call-Back.

Brendhan Hight: Call-Back is a solution that allows us to capture real-time leads for our clients. Users provide us their contact information and the most convenient time to reach them, in order to find out more about an advertised product or service, and then we submit that to the advertiser for use by their call-center. So the advertiser will have a real-time lead, but also will be able to contact the customer at a convenient time. There’s also a double opt-in, which protects the user’s data and guarantees that only qualified leads are delivered. That’s something we just rolled out in Germany, and we’re in the process of developing the technology to launch it in other markets as well, including North America.

Can you give us an example of a typical client and how the process works?

An example would be a satellite TV provider. We would essentially promote their services through a mobile display banner, which would then take end users to a mobile landing page. It would provide them the offer for that service and the opportunity to be called back by the advertiser, and ask them what time they would like to be called. And it would automatically capture their contact information and submit it back to the advertiser. So it’s a very simple solution for the end user and provides real-time leads to the advertiser.

And how does the advertiser pay for this?

Currently, this is paid by the advertiser on a CPC basis, but we are working towards making this available to our advertiserson a performance basis. It would be a cost-per-lead solution.

When did you roll this out in Germany?

We rolled it out in June, end of Q2.

And what have the results been so far?

They’re promising. We’ve got a number of different advertisers that are moving forward, extending and adding campaigns. We are doing some additional testing to make sure we can streamline it so we can roll it out internationally.

What else is going on at Sponsormob?

In addition to Call-Back, we also offer Click-to-Call as an advertising solution for our partners, and this is already available in the US. With Click-to-Call for mobile, consumers can contact an advertising company directly to find out more about a product or service they are interested in, and it’s a great way for advertisers to connect with potential customers.

We have also recently opened up our offices in the US, in Austin, Texas. And we’ve built our sales/account management/marketing teams here, essentially to support the advertiser growth in North America. We’re still headquartered in Berlin, but the expansion has really been driven overseas and here in North America.

Any other new projects in the works?

Yes. We’ve officially launched our real-time bidding solution for a number of platforms, which allows us to have our advertisers target specific, relevant sites and verticals in the mobile space. One of the fundamental challenges for mobile marketing is determining where your ad is going to be placed. And the real-time bidding solution allows us to provide transparency about the advertiser on a performance basis.

Also, one of our focuses moving forward is geotargeting campaigns. One of the big opportunities obviously with mobile distribution and mobile targeting is the ability to target users in specific locales. Our proprietary platform allows us to target an end user on a specific device and a specific location. It could essentially target an iPhone 4S user in Washington, D.C. on the Verizon network, and therefore we can provide advertising that is location-based. That’s a big play for us and will benefit our advertisers greatly.

The three major services we’re providing right now are app download campaigns, predominantly for Android and iOS; leads forms to capture contact information on a real-time basis and supply it to the advertiser; and, as I mentioned earlier, our click-to-call services, which we’ve launched and run a number of campaigns to direct calls from a mobile device.

Mobile is exploding right now, so it seems like you’re in the right niche.

Yes. A lot of folks are recognizing that there’s a major opportunity in mobile, and it’s about education, understanding the opportunity, and then taking advantage of it, because it’s still very much the Wild, Wild West. But there’s a lot of opportunity for branding, for performance, and for scale, and if you look at it from just the percentage of users that have access to smartphones and mobile devices, it’s growing exponentially. So it is only going to continue to grow in the near future.

To find out more about the company, visit the Sponsormob website.



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