SourceKnowledge’s Video Network Sees 169% Increase in Streams Over Last Month


MONTREAL (September 17, 2012) SourceKnowledge, Canada’s largest private video network, has seen a consistent growth of its video streams over last month, from 26 million video streams in July 2012 to over 70 million video streams in August*. SourceKnowledge’s global reach of a video audience has expanded steadily to meet growing advertiser demand.

As Internet audiences consume more online videos, the viewing of online video ads is consistently increasing. Coupled with cutting-edge video players and innovative and interactive ad units, advertisers are enjoying stronger user engagement and brand recall of their message.

SourceKnowledge’s video network is meeting the demand for video streams and offers a wide variety of rich media ad units and campaign optimization based on CTR (click through rate) and VTR (view through rate). The development and release this year of SourceKnowledge’s proprietary VAST (Video Ad Serving Template and VPAID (Video Ad API Definition) Compliant video player allow for consistent delivery of video ads to targeted audiences on premium long form and short form video sites. Average completion rate across all publishers and video ad units was 72 percent in July and August of this year.

“We are pleased to be able to move quickly and meet the demands of both advertisers and publishers. We’ve been in the ad serving business a long time and serving video ads is an extension of our expertise,” says Hector Pantazopoulos, VP of Business Development and co-founder of SourceKnowledge.

About SourceKnowledge

A private video network out of Montreal, Quebec, SourceKnowledge serves video, rich media and standard display ad units on a network of high-quality US and Canadian sites. SourceKnowledge maintains exclusive and direct relationships with publishers allowing advertisers access to a curated selection of sites. The SourceKnowledge network is organized into 3 distinct channels; Vibers, Metro and Family. The Vibers channel targets a growing youth market with interests in music, fashion, gaming and social networking. The Metro channel reaches urban young adults early in their careers. The Family channel, represents young families interested in buying and furnishing their first home, cooking for the kids and weekend relaxing.

*Internal reporting


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