Rhymes With Weirdo. Coincidence?


You’ve probably seen them around: Those guys who wear their knitted beanies on even the hottest of hot summer days. Or the ones with really bushy beards that might be suitable for North Dakota in January, but not L.A. in August. Maybe you’ve even seen someone courageous enough to attempt the rare Beanie/Beard Warm Weather Exacta. And if you’re like me, you likely were thinking:

“If that were me, it would only be a matter of time before I’d run screaming into the nearest building, rip said beanie and/or beard off my sweaty, itchy, funky melon and douse myself with whatever cold liquid is handy.”

Or, perhaps you’ve recently logged on to your social media site of choice, seen ads for the Beardo (pictured) and thought, “Dude, I must have one of those. My headgear simply isn’t hip enough. Plus, my lover hates beards, and mine just grows in all patchy anyways. This would solve both of my most pressing dilemmas.”

In which case I say: Go for it, brother. Or sister, as the case may be. Rock on witcha bad self.



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