Report: 6 Best Practices for 10X Greater Fan Growth


Wildfire has issued a new report on how average brands leverage social marketing to become “Superbrands.” The report explains how on average, every “sharer” or “advocate” spreads a campaign to 14 more people, and the top-performing social brands have found a way to turn more of their fans into sharers and advocates. Compared to average brands, these “Superbrands” achieve:

  • 2X the reach.
  • 3X the engagement.
  • 10X the fan growth.

To find out how they do it, Wildfire analyzed 10,000 Facebook campaigns from a 9-month period and identified 6 best practices used in the most successful 10 percent. Careful strategies focused on both quantity and quality of interactions, and generated results far above the norm.

You can access the report here.


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