More Than 1/3 of US Web Users Shun Facebook, Twitter?


( — Not too long ago, dailycred posted a little research about using Facebook and Twitter as signup mechanisms – Surprise! People hate being forced to use Facebook. I came across the post via HackerNews.

In summary, dailycred is an account-as-a-service tool that allows developers to add authentication to their apps and sites without rolling their own. Overall, it’s pretty nifty stuff. For the post, they did a little informal survey of tourists strolling through Seattle’s Pike Place Market. In turn, they found out that when presented with the option people don’t like to sign up using Facebook or Twitter.

While I wasn’t surprised by dailycred’s conclusion, I thought there might be a better way to get some real data to back this up.

And for $150, I got my answer. Now, I’m going to share it with you.


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