Metaresolver Unveils Data-Driven Mobile Ad Platform


SAN FRANCISCO (September 26, 2012) – Metaresolver launched its mobile advertising platform today, providing next generation mobile ad buying on a foundation of cleaner data, more efficient inventory and targeting abilities unique to mobile devices.

Metaresolver offers a mobile targeting platform that links media and marketing intelligence to consumer attributes like device model, location, content, connection and carrier.  The company targets these consumers through media buying across all major mobile ad exchanges using its own demand side platform and ad servers.

The company’s first customers are performance advertisers who are making a big commitment to mobile, but finding that poor underlying data and a lack of efficient targeting make for less than predictable results.  The founding team’s deep experience in mobile audience measurement, mobile advertising and mobile content yields a unique perspective on how to catapult the industry forward. Metaresolver will move mobile advertisers from tentative, inefficient media buying to embracing mobile as a trusted source for performance advertising.

Founded by Seamus McAteer and Mike Rowehl, Metaresolver boasts a team with a combined 80 years in the mobile marketing sector, and 8 exits over the past 4 years. McAteer co-founded M:Metrics, the currency provider of audience metrics in mobile which was sold to Comscore (SCOR) in 2008. He was on the board of mobile analytics companies Motally, acquired by Nokia (NOK), and Zokem, now part of Arbitron (ARB). Rowehl was the first engineer at AdMob (GOOG), and was on the launch team at Chomp (absorbed by Apple (APPL)) and Ning. The founding team also includes Cindy Mesaros, co-founder of mobile content leader Moderati. The team came together out of frustration with the rudimentary state of targeting in mobile advertising.

“Our team of digital ad veterans has been listening to predictions that next year will be the year of mobile for the past few years. It’s here, but it’s not there,” said McAteer. “The missing link is consistent high quality targeting data. We built the platform to abolish dirty data and deliver optimal performance in mobile advertising.”

Metaresolver received seed funding in March 2012 from leading seed stage funds and began working with beta clients in May. Baseline Ventures and Harrison Metal Capital led the seed round, with additional capital contributed by Lerer Ventures, Eniac Ventures and iHatch Management.

“Mobile is in the midst of an Industrial Revolution. Everything is changing all at once — how people spend their time, what tools they use, the devices and services available to them. It’s no surprise that ad spend is rapidly migrating to mobile as a result,” said Michael Dearing, founder of Harrison Metal and seed investor in mobile ad leaders like AdMob (NASDAQ – GOOG) and MoPub. “Metaresolver is an all-star team and their approach to the demand-side is going to give advertisers good reasons to invest more in mobile.”

Metaresolver is headquartered in San Francisco.


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