Lyris Unveils First Digital Marketing Platform to Address Big Data Challenge


Lyris, Inc. (OTCBB: LYRI.OB), a global provider of digital marketing solutions, today unveiled the first digital marketing automation platform built from the ground up to help marketers transform the massive amounts of customer interactive data into measurable business value. Lyris ONE analyzes “Big Data” from structured and unstructured sources, including social, email, mobile and hundreds of enterprise applications, to power interactive marketing campaigns that facilitate superior customer engagement and drive revenue. By natively integrating deep customer analytics with real-time data processing and campaign automation, Lyris ONE maximizes the relevancy and value of every customer interaction.

“Consumers demand consistent and relevant brand experiences regardless of channel. Until now, marketers have been unable to harness the power of digital interaction data to make better marketing decisions,” said Wolfgang Maasberg, CEO of Lyris. “Lyris ONE makes it simple for marketers to glean actionable insights from trillions of data points to improve revenue outcomes and deliver unprecedented value to the customer channel of ONE.”

According to a recent Corporate Executive Board (CEB) study of nearly 800 marketers at Fortune 1000 companies, the vast majority of marketers still rely too much on intuition, with only 11 percent of all customer-related decisions incorporating data. This over reliance on intuition results in untargeted, irrelevant, and disconnected messages that can negatively impact brands and customer relationships.   Lyris ONE enables marketers to directly address this challenge and harness the power of previously inaccessible data to create customer experiences that deliver meaningful engagement, conversions and revenue.

“Today, my team works with disparate data repositories and marketing systems, and we end up over-analyzing in order to produce a single insight,” said Sylvia Sierra, senior vice president at Access Intelligence. “Lyris ONE is the first platform we’ve seen that provides a complete and real-time view of our customers instead of a limited channel-specific picture. By delivering this level of customer intelligence, we are able to automate testing, segment with precision and deliver more targeted messaging. Ultimately, this allows us to reach our customers with greater meaning and depth, instead of engaging in typical push-and-pull communication that does not create value. There is a big difference between delivering messages and delivering marketing ROI.”

Lyris ONE Value

Lyris ONE’s powerful marketing analytics, combined with best practices-based campaign design and automation features, enable marketers to optimize all customer interactions.  It includes:

  • ONE unified view of every individual customer. Lyris ONE captures all customer profile data, drawn from multiple sources, to create a “live” view of every individual in a single location so that marketers can access this intelligence to improve targeting, messaging, and conversion performance.
  • ONE integrated marketing analytics engine. Lyris ONE’s highly scalable, massively parallel processing capabilities enable digital marketers to analyze dynamic customer data, measure campaign effectiveness and precisely optimize the factors influencing conversion.
  • ONE single intelligent campaign designer. Lyris ONE consolidates the design, creation, and execution of campaign workflows across every interactive channel while promoting and enforcing the use of digital marketing best practices.
  • ONEchannel Automation EngineTM.  Lyris ONE’s proprietary event processor automates data flows that lead to desirable marketing outcomes. It enables marketers to define engagement scenarios with a high-level of specificity, including the exact trigger factors and ranges, target segments and content delivered. For example, marketers can now deliver messages triggered on real-time events like cart abandonment or Web bounce in minutes, instead of the days it takes traditional systems to respond.

“Understanding data has never been more important for marketers. Those that can figure it out will dramatically improve customer experiences and help their companies create a competitive edge,” said Sheryl Kingstone, Director, Yankee Group. “Ultimately, marketers need to prove their value, and to do this they need to understand their customers and target them effectively across channels. It’s good to see companies giving digital marketers the tools to optimize their marketing efforts and tie campaign activities to specific business goals.”



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