Life in Mobile Announces New Technology to Help Brands Monetize Mobile


NEW YORK (September 20, 2012) – Life in Mobile, the mobile monetization agency, just announced the availability of its Dynamic Intelligent Profiling™ technology (DIP). This patent-pending system allows brands to fully customize the consumer journey based on real-world conditions affecting the consumer, as well as the consumers past interaction across a myriad of mobile touchpoints, including QR, SMS, social URL, ad URL and email. With DIP, marketers can analyze the results of all marketing efforts, both traditional and digital, to provide just-in-time offers and deliver the most relevant content via mobile without needing your phone’s unique identifier (UDID.) The announcement was made today at the Promotion Marketing Association’s Digital Shopper Marketing Summit.

“DIP takes the monetization of the mobile medium to a new level by intelligently bridging the gap between brands and consumers,” said John Lim (pictured), Founder and CEO, Life in Mobile. “It allows a brand or agency to analyze actual usage data on a per-user or per-session basis, including real-world conditions, and then facilitate the delivery of customized content to users meeting a specified scenario. It is precision, ‘just-in-time’ content delivery, which will allow brands to virtually have a one-on-one conversation with each potential consumer, something never possible before through any other technology.”

The custom scenarios and triggers created with DIP can be combined or modified based on the strategy developed for the brands product or service. The unique delivery of more relevant mobile content is designed to increase mobile monetization efforts, and in turn revenue.

“With DIP, we’re truly introducing something brand new to the mobile marketing space: monetization. Unlike most mobile marketers, with DIP, we have created technology that allows brands to gain unprecedented insight into mobile consumer behavior and the ability to react to this behavior in real-time,” added Lim.

“When you have great insights into your target audience like Life in Mobile and DIP provide, your ability to deliver an effective and contextually relevant brand message goes up exponentially,” said John Featherston, CEO, RISMedia.

About Life in Mobile

Life in Mobile is a mobile monetization agency in New York. They specialize in the strategic development and implementation of mobile technology in order to monetize their clients’ initiatives. Using their expertise, experience, and proprietary, patent-pending technology, they have the proven ability to maximize the efficiencies and ROI of their clients’ mobile marketing efforts. For more information, visit



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