Jivox and Nielsen Bring TV Metrics to Online Video


REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. (September 19, 2012)Jivox today announced it will integrate Nielsen Online Campaign RatingsTM into its interactive video technology platform. Using campaign audience demographic metrics from Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings and Jivox engagement data, brands can identify who received an intended ad and what demographic segment is engaging with the content the least/most. The unique combination of engagement data with demographic data is extremely powerful — it enables advertisers to better understand campaign ROI and which audience is more likely to lead to purchase conversion.

Combining Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings demographic information with the data generated when users engage with Jivox video ads creates a unique set of analytics that show:

  • Ad delivery by demographic.
  • Comparison of on-target ad delivery by publisher.
  • Ad engagement by demographic.
  • Comparison of on-target engagement by publisher.

The offering is an enhancement to Jivox’s patent pending “BrandGage” analytics and is available immediately for video and rich media ad campaigns across all ad units and screens – in-banner, pre-roll, smartphone and tablets.

“Accurate delivery to a target demographic is critical to the ROI of any ad campaign, yet often advertisers don’t know if the ad was received by the intended demographic and what the outcome of the ad was,” said Diaz Nesamoney, founder & CEO of Jivox. “We have teamed with Nielsen to address this challenge and bring a unique offering that creates a new level of understanding and insight into campaign success. In addition to ad delivery metrics by demographic, this offering uniquely ties interaction data from our interactive ads to gauge user engagement with the brand. We can also identify adjacent audiences that are engaging with the ad frequently that may not have been the original demographic targeted.”

Brands and agencies can use the Jivox offering to ensure that campaigns are delivered accurately to targeted demographics and also to determine which publishers and media are delivering the best performance of on-target delivery as well as on-target ad engagement. The detailed reports include rich graphical visualization, which enable media planners and account teams within agencies to optimize campaigns using demographic measurement as a way to ensure brand ROI.

“The purpose of bringing our TV-comparable demographic measurement online is to give agencies the reassurance that if they are buying media to reach a specific segment, that’s who ends up seeing their ads,” said Andrew Feigenson, senior vice president, Ad Platforms & Networks at Nielsen. “We’re working closely with Jivox and other industry innovators to integrate Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings into their offerings and go-to-market plans. With their use of user engagement data, Jivox has proven how Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings can be used to layer in other metrics and telling bigger, broader cross-platform stories.”

As viewers continue to expand their video consumption from just on TV to online and across platforms, measuring demographics has been a challenge. BrandGage allows agencies to verify the accuracy of the publisher’s demographic and correlate engagement to demographic segments. This type of data is also similar to TV ratings and measurement, giving advertisers a familiar way of reporting success, yet with more precise data and in real-time.

About Jivox

Jivox is the leading multi-screen interactive video advertising technology company. The Jivox platform enables brand advertisers, digital agencies and publishers to deliver highly engaging video ads powered by interactive and social sharing features. Using Jivox creative tools, interactive video ads can be easily authored and served in-stream, in-banner and on mobile devices and tablets. Jivox technology eliminates typical challenges associated with delivering video ads across multiple screens and connected devices, such as HTML5/Flash, operating systems, browsers, video encoding, form factor etc. Jivox also provides sophisticated campaign performance tracking, brand awareness and purchase intent analytics for advertisers via BrandGage — its proprietary real-time analytics platform. The Jivox platform is used by several hundred media companies and agencies including Bloomberg, Federated Media, Fox News, FUOR Digital, GroupM, Interactive One, Lee Enterprises, OMD, Starcom, Sun Times Media, Videology and Weather Underground. Jivox was recently recognized as a winner of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Mobile Rising Stars Awards for its innovation in cross-platform interactive video ads. For examples of Jivox ads see www.jivox.com/demoads.


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