Infographic: iPhone 5 Reaction on the Social Web


The folks over at Taykey took the occasion of Apple’s press conference yesterday to apply its technology to the social media buzz about the iPhone 5 (see infographic below).

According to the company’s blog, ” … there was a lot of discussion online that rose and fell with the introduction of each feature. Volume is the light grey chart.  The darker chart shows sentiment.  There was a net positive sentiment across all features — not that surprising among the folks who are following the live announcement — but there were some variations.  The more techy feature — the new processor — was less thrilling than the bigger screen.  The higher resolution camera was good, but since it was mainly an incremental improvement it didn’t pop like the availability date, which was huge. … We thought there might be some negativity about the new connector, but that didn’t create a valley in the data by any means.”


For the full-size infographic, click here.



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