AdTruth Touts New Device Specific Optimization Platform


AdTruth, the digital media division of global device recognition technology leader 41st Parameter, announced the release this week of DeviceInsight 4.0, the latest version of the company’s audience recognition technology. DeviceInsight 4.0 introduces enhanced performance through Device Specific Optimization™ (DSO), a new capability which improves both the accuracy and longevity of audience recognition across any Internet connected device: from personal computers, tablets, smart phones and beyond.

“AdTruth DeviceInsight 4.0 is a critical step forward for the digital media industry when it comes to device recognition,” said James Lamberti, vice president and general manager of AdTruth. “So many of our global clients are seeing a highly fragmented mix of traffic across a variety of device types. This makes it critical that we understand the nuances of each and can provide an appropriately tuned device identification approach for every circumstance. Based on feedback from brand, agency, and network customers, DeviceInsight 4.0 delivers increased longevity, improved accuracy and enhanced privacy-compliance.”

Device Specific Optimization recognizes the user’s device type and selects the most effective “recipe” to best identify a device in real time. In addition to device type, DeviceInsight 4.0 also allows marketers to adjust their optimization based on specific use cases. For example, a retargeter aiming to reach a customer over a long period of time can optimize for longevity over accuracy, whereas a marketer tracking app downloads requires a higher level of recognition accuracy within a shorter time window.

“AdTruth’s device recognition technology is increasingly important to our plans to solve the mobile tracking problem seamlessly across all devices,” said Carl Uminski, chief operating officer for Somo, the largest independent global mobile marketing agency. “With the plethora of devices out there, it is critical to be able to recognize them and provide the most accurate and privacy-friendly tracking possible with no operational impact on us, our clients, or consumers.”

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