Adotas Makes Time’s ’50 Best Websites 2012′ List (Not!)


The Techland limb of has unleashed its annual list of the 50 best websites. Alas, Adotas didn’t make the cut.

I’d be inconsolable if I hadn’t only been on the job for six weeks at the time the list came out. But hey, it gives us something to shoot for for next year.

Feel free to nominate us. Or, if you’re a hater, and have a lot of time on your hands, you could create a website that lampoons Adotas. Who knows, your parody site might beat out ours in the quest for the Time Top 50. After all, this year’s list features a site that makes fun of Facebook and the people who use it.

And another that makes fun of people who don’t know how to use Google.

And another that makes fun of politicians who send out stupid tweets and then try to retract them.

(Note to self: Websites that make fun of things can achieve great popularity. If only I could figure out some way to capitalize on this trend…)

But of all the sites on the list, none can top the ingenuity and sheer awesomitude of the video game portal in which you, the lucky user, gets to step into the pointy shoes of Balki Bartokomous.


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