Zenovia’s ‘Velvet Rope’ Technology Designed to Block Bad Traffic


Zenovia Digital Exchange (www.zenoviaexchange.com), which launched its next-generation exchange platform for digital display ads earlier this year, began deployment Tuesday of patent-pending “Velvet Rope” technology that eliminates poor or potentially fraudulent traffic from entering its marketplace.

The “Velvet Rope” blocks bad traffic by running almost-instantaneous programmatic routines against internal and external quality metrics that identify poor quality and fraudulent impressions then “block them at the door.” The benefit to advertisers is clean, quality traffic. Publishers gain by the elimination of these impressions from competing with their quality inventory.

“By eliminating 15-20 percent of the impressions that get to the platform, we defend pricing of our publishers’ quality inventory, ensure our advertisers get the best traffic money can buy, and reduce access fees,” said Dwight Ringdahl, Founder and CEO of Zenovia Digital Exchange.

As the amount of available impressions increases and ad networks proliferate, advertisers are finding it harder to find quality, consistent traffic and have grown weary of paying for low-quality impressions that cost money and damage brand reputation. Technologies such as the “Velvet Rope” ensure that marketers of all sizes have access to the most relevant and high quality audiences on the web via real-time-bidding (RTB).

Zenovia Digital Exchange adds the “Velvet Rope” to its library of pending patents that include technologies that continually optimize campaigns to meet the marketer’s need of accessing highly targeted audiences across thousands of sites using dynamic buying.

“Combining ‘Velvet Rope’ with our existing technology allows us to continually reformulate at the campaign level by assessing the attributes of quality impressions and allow buyers to evaluate them based on their needs at the time,” said Ringdahl. “Our design allows the marketer to pay for what they need to achieve their goals, while delivering publishers lift at scale.”


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