3 Must-Have Tools to Monetize Your Blog


Years ago you could write a post, place a link and make a ton of sales on your blogs.  With technology advancing and more people starting blogs, finding loyal traffic and generating revenue has become more challenging.  That’s why bloggers and site owners are always on the lookout for new and easy tools to help drive new customers and improve their user experience.  Here are three new tools that I have begun to use on my sites and developed relationships with because they have not only helped my sites grow, but they have also helped me to generate revenue.  Each of these products has a free version or trial as well.

1. Viewbix Video Marketing. Most of my sites didn’t seem like a fit for video, especially because I wasn’t actually creating (and still normally don’t create) my own videos. However, when I saw what Viewbix can do, I instantly fell in love.  Viewbix video enables you to take virtually any video from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo Pro and other leading sites and add on custom skins.  Each skin has a clickable call to action on it and you can add on apps like Lists (where you can include shopping and affiliate links), printable coupons, RSS feeds, newsletter sign-ups, maps, weather, Scribd, Skype and many more apps to make your video interactive.  What’s amazing about the tool is that when a Viewbix video is shared on Facebook, Twitter and other sites, almost all of the functionality from the apps stays in tact.  People watching a video that is shared on Facebook can sign up for your newsletter, shop through your links and even follow you on Twitter and Facebook or call you on Skype.  Viewbix has created an entirely new dimension on what you can do with video and how you can use it to monetize your site.  The thing that I like most about Viewbix is that the player takes less than 2 minutes to create and there is no programming needed. They have taken all of the hard work out of video marketing and made it more profitable as well as beneficial for video SEO since your YouTube and other video plays, likes and counts continue to climb as people watch through the Viewbix player.

2. Rafflecopter. This is a brand-new tool that is blowing up the blog world for giveaways.  Rafflecopter lets you create a giveaway where you define the rules to entry.  You can require people to follow you on Twitter and Facebook or even give you a K+ on Klout.  You can have them follow and like the company that gave you the products to give away and you can even assign different amounts of entries for completing different tasks.  You can give the person 1 entry for following you on Pinterest, 5 entries for leaving a comment on a blog post or sharing 5 of them on Twitter.  What’s even better is that it only takes a few minutes to set up and they provide you with copy-and-paste code.  I highly recommend you try Rafflecopter to test what your audience reacts to and you can sell following people, liking pages, etc. from your audience to potential advertisers.  Because you create the rules for entry, earning opportunities are almost endless.  Rafflecopter is a must-have tool that I highly recommend you at least give a try, especially because Rafflecopter is 100-percent free.

3. ShareASale widgets. I’m loving these because they make it so that I can write about a general product and the merchant can keep it updated with stock and bestsellers for me.  Usually I have to go in and change out links, pictures, etc. With widgets I can easily save a specific space on my site or in a post and copy and paste the Javascript into the post.  Now I have products and a mini-storefront that is relevant to my site, my post and my readers.  Some things to make sure you know are that the merchant can accidentally change the size of the widget and break the code, they can forget to update the products to exclude out-of-stock items and they can place products that are not commissionable on your site.

Blogging is a great way to earn money online.  You can sell ad space, use affiliate links or even create custom deals to increase followers and fans with social media for advertisers.  With all of the clutter and competition, you need ways to increase your reach and provide a better user experience for your readers.  That’s why I love the three tools above.  They take almost no time to create and they can all help to grow your traffic, provide a better user experience and also increase your sales and revenue.



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