Silicon Valley Startup Resurrects Reagan to Pitch New Tech


A new Silicon Valley tech company has reanimated President Ronald Reagan to demonstrate its cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) video software.

Seyyer Inc., launched by CEO and founder Behrooz Rezvani, Ph.D, offers users the first customized, cognitive video realization (CVR) platform built to easily create massive amounts of individualized, authentic video content, instantly and inexpensively. Seyyer’s interactive video personalization platform is targeted to online commercial producers, advertising agencies and other multimedia developers to create infinitely transformative video avatar content based on real people, in less time and at significantly lower cost than traditional filming and editing techniques.

According to a press release issued by the company, Seyyer’s CVR platform applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to make computer-generated modifications to original video footage of a person’s facial expressions, gestures and speech, resulting in a hyper-realistic, customizable and extensible avatar with authentic detail to be extremely convincing to the viewer. This is done though text-to-instant-video realization (TTV) that is both instant and inexpensive.

“Until now, filming people for web commercials, online videos and other applications has been a time-intensive and expensive process that does not align with the fast-paced dynamics of advertising, mobile marketing and social commerce,” said Rezvani. “Our solution enables video to be super targeted, relevant and interactive while delivering massive amounts of customizable, authentic video content, faster and at significantly lower cost than any traditional methods available today.”

Customer Applications

With Seyyer’s CVR platform, developers can create human video, then adapt, regenerate and extend content with its unique combination of gesture recognition, micro-expression and speech-modeling technology. To enhance the learning process, educational content can be generated using interactive, personalized video-based curricula. Advertisers can develop highly targeted and almost instantly updatable mobile and online marketing campaigns that drive deeper consumer engagement.  Retailers using the latest social commerce engines can create advanced avatars to further augment and complement the consumer experience.

“Seyyer’s interactive video platform could be a game-changer for our clients” said Dave Benton, Creative Director of Metajive, a full-service interactive and social media agency.  “At Metajive we look to create authentic messages that enable connections to the brand, leveraging interactive video to deliver content in the most direct, compelling and creative manner possible.  Deploying Seyyer’s text to instant video realization capability gives us an extraordinary new tool for deeply engaging campaigns with extremely realistic interactive video avatars.”

Rezvani is a repeat entrepreneur who also founded Ikanos Communications (VDSL, Very high speed Digital Subscriber Line) in 1999 to a successful IPO in 2005 and co-founded Quantenna Communications (Wi-Fi) in 2006. Seyyer is an angel-backed, cloud-based video software artificial intelligence company.

View Demo and Availability

Seyyer has provided a demonstration of the company’s interactive video personalization platform at The CVR platform is available today and the company is engaged with brands and companies across industries.


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