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Are you the sharp(i)est marketer in the business? Here’s your chance to make your mark by helping a well-known brand turn a huge social-media negative into a profit-generating positive. How would you spin this viral trend in Sharpie’s favor? Leave a comment or shoot us an email.

(Reuters) – In the age of Facebook and Twitter, a new crime has hit America:  “Sharpie parties,” gatherings of party revelers armed with “Sharpie” magic  markers and lured by social media invitations to wreak havoc on foreclosed homes.



  1. Sharpie condemns all vandalism, in fact it will contribute to a fund to re-paint damage done by vandals using Sharpie Pens, particularly on houses in which the vandals tweet pictures of themselves using Sharpies on the house.

    Additionally, a percentage of all Sharpie sales will be used to as a reward to the capture and incarceration of all vandals caught using Sharpie’s to vandalize a house.

    Sharpie is encouraging Office Max, Office Depot, all banks, and all companies using Sharpie pens in their daily business affairs to also contribute to the pursuit of this type of vandalism.

  2. Hire some local artists to graffiti walls using only Sharpies in run down areas, old parks, community centers, and places that could use a facelift. From there show how Sharpie can make a positive impact on the community and then run a contest for the person, group, or organization who can create the best mural using only Sharpies.

  3. The solution is easy and everybody wins.
    1. Get realtors, artists and banks together to agree in the project.
    2. Designate some houses to “paintalize” and have some publicity about it.
    3. Have some music and refreshments. Could be local sponsors. That way you have “some control” about the situation.
    4. Invite some artists to have fun so they can scout for new talent. How many are hidden behind the mask of vandalism?
    5. When the house “paintalize” is done. It can be sold as is. As a work of art, or it can be painted back to its original look.

    If there is a will… There is money.


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