‘Living’ Smartphones Pitch New Security App


Snap Secure® (www.GetSnapSecure.com), part of Snap MyLife Inc., which develops cloud-service applications for consumers, has launched a TV advertising, direct marketing, social media and public relations campaign called “Meet the Phones,” which highlights the safety and security perils that smartphones – and their owners – face every day.

The four TV ads, one 60-second and three half-minute spots, introduce viewers to a family of “living” smartphones – father, mother and teenage daughter – who whimsically discuss with viewers the dangers they face and underscore the need for Snap Secure in order to protect their devices, data and loved ones. The TV campaign is believed to be the first for a direct-to-consumer mobile app and was created by R2C Group in Portland, Oregon. Initial spots will appear on 12-15 national cable channels including A&E, CNBC and TrueTV.

The direct marketing campaign consists of advertising support from online, mobile, print and outdoor advertising.  The companion social media campaign includes “Meet The Phones” Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

“Smartphones and tablets are mainstream and we want to inform consumers that there are mobile security apps on the market that will help them to protect their families, their devices and their data in a responsible yet cost-effective manner,” said Michael Subhan, vice president of marketing, Snap MyLife Inc. (www.snapmylifeinc.com) and developer of the integrated campaign for Snap Secure.

The Snap Secure app is a cloud-service application that provides a broad range of protection for Android and BlackBerry smartphones and Android tablets, including protecting and managing privacy; real-time tracking and location of family members; locating and remotely controlling lost or stolen phones and tablets; wiping data remotely; backing up and restoring data and preventing viruses, spyware and spam. Snap Secure offers two full version pricing plans: $5.99 per month for up to five users or $57.99 per year for up to five users. The app has already been downloaded more than 2 million times with more than 2,500 customers subscribing daily for the mobile app service.

The ads can be viewed at www.youtube.com/MeetThePhones, and more information about Snap Secure can be found at www.GetSnapSecure.com or from the Android marketplace or BlackBerry App World.


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