Inspire the Next ‘Marketoon’!


Ever felt that your life – or at least your professional life – is like a cartoon? Well, now it could be.

Baynote has commissioned a new series of humorous Tom Fishburnemarketoons” called “Misadventures in Marketing.” According to Baynote flack Sara Fastenberg of The Bateman Group, the campaign parodies the ongoing challenges marketers face regarding customer engagement – whether it’s harnessing big data or determining the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Baynote has already featured the first two in a series of five marketoons that are set to run on its blog every two weeks between now and the beginning of October. The first, titled “The Devil Wears Data,” looks at the need for big data in today’s retailing environment to fully manage and optimize products.

The second, titled “What Moved the Sales Needle,” looks at the difficulty merchandisers face when tracking the impact of various efforts.

If you would like to join in the fun by offering up ideas or themes for future “marketoon” topics, you can share your ideas as a comment on Fishburne’s most recent marketoon, or email Fastenberg, who will forward those ideas to Fishburne and Baynote for their input.


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