Clash Group Launches Unique Pre-Roll Video Ad Platform for Web, Mobile

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Aug 14, 2012 
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Clash Group, the digital direct response ad agency, has launched a unique web and mobile Pre-Roll video advertising platform. The new Clash video network enables brands to eliminate wasted marketing expenditure by targeting Pre-Roll digital video advertisements only to pre-identified users from a network of 600 million video streams per month as well as 1500+ Web sites, 5,000 Facebook Applications, iPhone Apps and Widgets on 200,000 Blogs. It currently offers access to over 250 million video visitors per month.

The service allows brands to use a variety of precise identifying parameters to extend their online video advertising and social media engagement to reach previously unreachable markets. Prospects can be targeted by genre, geography, tags, keywords and devices, and the network also positions video advertisements on iPhone and Facebook apps as well as using widgets to ensure advertised content is optimized for both social and mobile platforms.

“The launch of this network is a really exciting step forward not just for Clash Group, but for the whole digital advertising sphere. Now brands can precisely reach out to their target audience through a medium that offers 250 million unique visitors per month,” commented Tore Erickson, Chief Revenue Officer, Clash Group. “Pre-Roll video is fast becoming a core component for digital advertisers, but until now there hasn’t been an effective method to precisely target only the most desirable digital users and eliminate waste that may occur from an inefficient video campaign. This network changes that.”

“Our transparent and brand-safe campaigns are already seeing click-through rates several times the industry average and the new network will allow us to provide even more effective results for our clients,” he continued. “In our 6 years in business, advertisers such as Airwick, Starburst, Calgon, Holiday Inn, Clearasil, University of Phoenix, eBay, Vlassic, Spray ‘n Wash, Colgate, and Lysol have all run successful campaigns with us.”

The results from the web and mobile advertising Pre-Roll network will be easy for advertisers to measure, affording brands a flexible campaign to ensure optimum reach and efficiency with their video advertisements. The launch of this network signals an intent from Clash Group to focus on measurable, results-orientated digital advertising solutions such as a recent partnering initiative between publishers and web users, called Path Plus.

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