Video: “Future of Engagement” Learns What Makes Curated Content More Engaging


ADOTAS – In this installment of the video series The Future of Engagement, host and Influence People chief Murray Newlands sits down with Ian Karnell, president of interest graph marketing firm BuzzHoney, to discuss how brands and organizations might learn about what kind of content engages their intended audience, so they in turn might find and share more engaging content. Karnell comes to the show with a case study from his company’s work. BuzzHoney worked with the University of Pittsburgh‘s health care network to help them understand how they leveraged content for potential engagement to put them at an advantage compared to competitors in the health care field, in order to curate more engaging content and find content sources that would be better at helping them meet their intended goals. BuzzHoney, working in conjunction with social media monitoring services provider Infinigraph, looked at 30 other companies and organizations in the health care space, and Karnell explains that no matter how much content those 30 competitors were sharing, they almost uniformly didn’t drive significant engagement through that content. They did find a couple of exceptions: One children’s hospital was posting a relatively small amount of content, but was driving engagement, because the content it shared contained calls to action. In other cases, they saw engagement rise when the types of content shared provided a somehow enhanced experience for the user. Karnell tells the story in the video:


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