“The Future of Engagement” Explains the YouTube Video Creation Marketplace


ADOTAS – Think of YouTube’s Video Creation Marketplace as a kind of “controlled crowdsourcing:” Businesses can go to this community of YouTube users to find the right people to create and promote their videos. Marketing expert (and a video creator, himself) Murray Newlands explains in this new episode of his series The Future of Engagement how this benefits businesses: While large businesses have long worked with professionals to create great video and promote it over YouTube, not every business has the same resources. But now, the Video Creation Marketplace introduces businesses to a large pool of experienced YouTubers who are able and often very willing to work on behalf of potential clients. Newlands explains how YouTube announced this new marketplace at VidCon, in front of a room full of such YouTubers, and the announcement triggered 3,000 mentions of the marketplace across the internet, many of them on Twitter. He talks about what YouTube did right, what the marketplace means for businesses and video creators, and what the sentiment was like about the announcement. The video:


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