Shiny Ads Launches Self-Serve Automated Platform for Larger Publishers


ADOTAS – Sell-side-leaning ad technology company Shiny Ads launched a new self-serve platform geared toward “premium” publishers and their direct sales teams, a move to help further automate the selling process of premium ad inventory for major publishers.

“It signifies kind of a message change for us,” Shiny Ads founder and CEO Roy Pereira said of the new platform in a phone conversation earlier today. One of the company’s earlier focuses had been on services for smaller advertisers, aiming to, he said, “allows [larger publishers] to take the smaller orders they’d normally throw away” because of the amount of manual work required for a lot of sales teams. “There’s no hyperbole that some sales teams are still using Microsoft Excel,” he said. “It eventually hits the ad ops team, and they have to do the dirty work.” Because of the labor involved in pushing those sales orders through, he said, “it just wouldn’t be profitable if you were messing around with $500 buys.”

The company’s new offering is designed to help sales teams automate the process of handling insertion orders, line items and creative. According to a release from Shiny Ads, the web-enabled interface allows sales teams to create and submit insertion orders quickly and to monitor and edit elements of a campaign, and an integration with means “we can pull account information, opportunity information,” said Pereira. The new platform “also manages the back end, which is very important,” he said. “It talks to the ad server via [the publisher’s] API.”

To Pereira, that connection to publisher APIs is part of what differentiates Shiny Ads from some other self-serve publisher solutions. “That was probably the hardest part to build,” he said. Among other companies offering similar services, he said, “99 percent rely on an ad tag. It’s worked this way forever. We don’t have an ad tag. The advertiser doesn’t have an ad tag. We serve [the ad] directly.” With ad tags, he argued, “Every party that’s in there is not getting a lot of transparency. It’s very inefficient. We came to this with new sunglasses on.”

According to Pereira, Shiny Ads, which he said focuses on premium inventory, will in the future “be expanding our product line to a more holistic view.”


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