Local Corporation Adds Features to Rovion Ad Management Platform


ADOTAS – Online local media company Local Corporation added new features for its Rovion Ad Management Platform today, including tools to more easily coordinate and sync interactions between multiple rich media ad units on the same page, to resize images and videos as the user interacts with them and, in an attempt to shorten page load time, to load dynamic elements of an ad only as they’re necessary.

Local Corporation provides products and services intended to help brick-and-mortar businesses build web presence and connect to customers digitally, and its Rovion platform offers a  self-serve, “drag-and-drop” solution for businesses to create and deploy rich media ads without code or Adobe Flash. In a statement the company issued, Local president and COO Michael Sawtell said these developments see the company “positioned as the go-to source for agencies and publishers looking to efficiently create and distribute complex rich media ads with a single platform.” It’s part of a series of updates to the Rovion platform — polling and real-time reporting of those polls were features added earlier this year.


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