Jivox Announces Interactive Video Ad Insertion for Mobile Devices


ADOTAS – Today at the Interactive Advertising Bureau‘s (IAB) Marketplace conference, interactive video advertising company Jivox announced the availability of interactive video ad insertion for HTTP live streaming on mobile website and apps. The technology is designed to allow publishers and advertisers to insert interactive video ads into live streaming content on mobile devices. While the promise of inserting ads into video to make for a more seamless cross-screen experience isn’t a first — Adobe launched Primetime Simulcast a couple months ago to make the ad placement seem more TV-like across multiple types of devices — a statement from Jivox nonetheless called its new service a “first,” evidently because of its focus specifically on interactive video ads.

The aforementioned statement cited the continuing trend of TV networks and multiple system operators to make their content available for viewing on mobile and connected devices. To underline the public demand, the company quoted a Nielsen survey from May of 2012 that noted 163 million unique video viewers in the U.S. streaming over 26 billion videos. “With our platform, advertisers are guaranteed that their interactive video ad can be seen by their targeted audience no matter what screen they are watching,”  Jivox CEO Diaz Nesamoney said in a statement. “This extends the reach and engagement of their TV ad buy.” The benefit of HTTP live streaming, the statement pointed out, is that it delivers video to devices that don’t support Flash.


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