Infographic: Apple vs. Microsoft in Social Discussion


ADOTAS – In its most recent monthly report and infographic looking at the way trending topics are discussed around social media, Taykey — which analyzes online discussion to determine how to target ads to particular audiences based on popular topics there —  goes tech. Specifically, it’s looking at Apple and Microsoft, which each had a pretty big month in June: Apple hosted the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and announced its retina display MacBook Pro, while Microsoft revealed Xbox Music and other new offerings early in the month, then unveiled its Microsoft Surface tablet and Windows Phone 8. Who came out on top? Well, depends on what you consider “on top.” In terms of volume, Apple had 100 times the buzz as Microsoft — but Microsoft saw two distinct spikes in discussion volume, and ultimately sentiment about its news was more positive than sentiment about Apple. And even though Microsoft saw less volume, discussion of Surface came in a greater percentage of longer-form content than Retina, where 60 percent of the buzz came from Twitter. Here’s the infographic (click to enlarge):


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