IAB’s MRAID 2.0 Rich Media Ad Standards Are Up for Comment


ADOTAS – The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence’s MRAID 2.0 — that’s “mobile-rich media ad interface definitions,” a common set of APIs for rich media mobile ad creation — is now available for public comment. IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence senior director Joe Laszlo will publicly present the new version of MRAID on Monday, July 16, at the IAB’s Mobile Marketplace conference in New York City, and the public comment period will last until Aug. 10, at which the MRAID working group will convene to make any changes it feels are warranted by those comments, then release the final 2.0 version.

The first version of MRAID came out last year, with the aim of helping agencies run the same creative across many different apps, instead of adjusting the programming in their ads to accommodate for the particularities of different publishers. The new version looks particularly at HTML5 and aims to make up for any inconsistencies of HTML5 rich media ad deployments across multiple devices and operating systems. With the updates, ads can change size as users interact with them, standards are set for how the ad discerns information about factors like screen size and device type, suggestions for handling video in banner and interstitial ads are clarified, designers are given more control over MRAID expandable ads, and SDKs may display ads already compliant with MRAID 1.0 seamlessly.

In a statement issued today by the IAB, Laszlo said the first version of MRAID “has helped the mobile marketplace reach new levels of consistency, efficiency and effectiveness, but it was only the first step,” and he continued, “This new update is critical in fulfilling the promise of in-application advertising, addressing the various needs of agencies, publishers, vendors, and ad designers.”


  1. I greatly appreciate the efforts of the IAB in this regard and think much good will come from this level of dedication to MRAID. I just hope that the content of mobile ads and not just their creation get similar attention by mobile advertisers in terms of “consistency, efficiency and effectiveness.” There is so much to be learned in particular about mobile messaging in the mobile ad space today. Take the recent lessons articulated by the team at Airpush… something anyone in the mobile ad space should read! http://www.airpush.com/blog/redesigning-messaging-relevance-how-we-grew-to-2/


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