33Across Launches First Ever “Social Personas”


Adotas – 33Across operators of the largest social and interest graph in the world, reaching over a billion users globally, today announced the availability of 58 Social Personas. The new audience targeting offering allows Fortune 1000 advertisers and their agencies to reach audiences grouped into real-time, social “persona” categories. These upgraded offerings include real-time social activity, interests, sharing behavior along with standard demographic and psychographic filters. 33Across will also provide advertisers with a full suite of actionable insights on Social Personas, such as social indices and media consumption, interests, and demographics, to name a few.
“We operate a social and interest graph of over 1.25 billion users,” said Matt Arkin, 33Across President.  “Every day we see how social media has fundamentally changed consumer influence and word-of-mouth communication, and just as often, we hear from our clients that they desperately need ‘personas 2.0’.  Many feel it’s irresponsible to target audience segments without factoring the distinct cultural shift we call social into the equation.”  Traditional personas–fictional, multi-dimensional characters that represent a target audience–have historically been based on static data.  Conversely, the 33Across Social Personas leverage real-time audience data. When personas are analyzed in conjunction with the 33Across anonymous 1.25 billion person social and interest graph, Social Personas provide brands with a more immediate, accurate way to identify millions of likely brand loyal consumers, and a guide to overall advertising strategy and spend.


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