When Time Is Money: Marketing in Spare Moments Today


ADOTAS – Marketers are challenged in today’s time-pressed world to reach audiences in meaningful and measurable ways. Marketers are learning they need to capitalize on the audience’s uninterrupted moments during the day in order to deliver a message that resonates and is contextually relevant. Unfortunately, the old media playbook has failed to keep up with the times, and emerging technology – particularly when it comes to reaching the most coveted audiences: affluents.

Affluent, white-collar audiences are becoming more difficult to reach, as their busy lives lead to more time spent in front of their smartphones or tablets than televisions. Unfortunately, most marketing dollars still flow to traditional media channels such as newspapers and broadcast TV – despite the declining ability of these channels to deliver the impressions marketers desire the most.

Thankfully, there is a growing number of options marketers can use to put their messages in front of affluent audiences effectively. More marketing dollars are being spent on digital place-based advertising, experiential campaigns, mobile ad programs and product placements – all well suited for reaching “on-the-go” consumers. Here are some examples of how marketers are capitalizing on uninterrupted time to reach their audiences throughout the day:

On the Road. Out-of-home is nothing new to airports and other transportation hubs, but new digital upgrades are making it an increasingly effective way to reach busy affluent travelers. Naples International Airport recently bolstered its digital offerings by installing two large LED walls – each measuring approximate 120 by 160 inches (10 by 13 feet). The airport intends to use the screens as a core element for marketers looking to reach the 5.7 million travelers who walk the departure halls each year.

At Events. Marketers have learned that attendees of marquee events like receiving related information, opportunities and offers while on-site. The Hollywood Reporter created a “Cannes Film Festival” tablet app to provide live content throughout the festival to the event’s affluent, tablet-toting attendees. Event guides, videos, social sharing and location-based restaurant recommendations helped create a robust user experience to a highly engaged audience.

At the Office. Those awkward minutes spent in the elevator in the company of strangers were the inspiration behind my company, Captivate Network. With a mix of news, entertainment, and targeted advertising content, the elevator screens have become a welcome relief for millions of professionals and a source for water cooler conversation fodder.

On the Silver Screen. Product placements have a long and successful history. One luxury brand that earned big box-office buzz was Hawaii’s Kauai’s St. Regis Princeville Resort, which served as the backdrop for several scenes in The Descendants, starring George Clooney. The movie was a central marketing focus for The St. Regis, which even created a vanity URL — StRegisPrinceville.com/descendants — for those looking for a top-shelf vacation experience.

At the Mall. Americana Manhasset, a high-end shopping center on Long Island, used a rich mobile advertising campaign, which included video, a store locator and mobile web elements to enhance the holiday shopping experience. The program included a click-to-call feature, video ads, mobile web and an interactive store listing. Shoppers could view items and specials available in each store, which helped drive traffic and increase sales. When the program wrapped up after the holidays, it had delivered more than 1.75 million impressions.

As more and more marketers come to realize that the old approaches for reaching their key targets no longer work, they’ll turn to new and novel approaches to achieve their goals. Affluent consumers aren’t spending their time sitting in front of the television watching scheduled ads. However, they do shop, work, and travel — and no matter how much their media consumption habits change, it’s safe to say these type of opportunities will remain effective far into the future.


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