Video: “The Future of Engagement” on Buddy Media CEO’s “We Got Bought” Video


ADOTASSalesforce’s acquisition of Buddy Media has been the topic of scads of water-cooler discussions since Monday, and now Future of Engagement host and marketing consultant Murray Newlands weighs in in the most recent episode of his video series. The acquisition is a big deal for Salesforce, as it’ll allow the company deeper social insights and opportunities for social media engagement. And it’s a big deal for Buddy Media CEO Michael Lazerow — the extent of which he laid out in a video he uploaded in which he indirectly commented on what the deal meant to him. Newlands explains here that at a juncture like this, it’s important for a company in the position of Buddy Media to hold onto people’s affinity for, and loyalty to, its brand. But, because of the nature of the deal, Lazerow couldn’t comment on it publicly at that crucial moment in the hours following the announcement of the acquisition. So, instead, he put his thoughts together as a series of slides on his iPad, which he held in front of a video camera. The viewer understands, of course, that the thoughts are his, but he doesn’t directly identify them as such, and he doesn’t say anything to the camera himself. Doing this, he was able to humanize himself and his company, describing the attitude toward life he had as a result of a heart condition that nearly killed him twice, and what the growth and flourishing of Buddy Media meant to him. Newlands explains what Lazarow did right in presenting this video, and gets into what the reaction to it has been like around the web. Check it:


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