Video: “Future of Publishing” Talks Harvesting Social Data


ADOTAS – In the latest episode of his Future of Publishing video series, marketing expert Murray Newlands Skypes with Internet Media Labs founder Peter Bordes about Chirpaloo, a product his company developed to dig deeper into the data in social media, and to help entities with very large, hard-to-manage followerships understand who their followers are, where they are and how dedicated they might be as followers, so that groups of those followers might be targeted differently, with different messages or different shareable content. Bordes says the goal was to develop tools to understand user data in social media in similar ways to how list marketers can understand user data in email, to “get 10 feet down into the data, not three inches down,” and to reduce the “signal to noise ratio” in the data. More on why these insights might be of value to marketers:


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