Video: “Future of Engagement” on LinkedIn’s PR Disaster Recovery


ADOTAS – Last week, a Russian hacker pinched nearly 6.5 million passwords of LinkedIn members and posted them to an online forum. That spelled instant bad news for the social network, especially considering how its members use the site for business networking and should expect a certain modicum of professionalism when it comes to the safety of their data. It was bad news for LinkedIn’s IT crew, for sure — but also for its PR. As Future of Engagement host and marketing consultant Murray Newlands observes in this video commentary on the snafu, with a site like LinkedIn, “you need to be able to trust the whole network and the company itself.” But in this case, he says, LinkedIn did the right thing. The company announced the snafu right away, and it was open about how many of its users were affected, what it understood about the problem, and what it was doing to both solve the problem and prevent similar problems in the future. As a result, the percentage of the conversation about LinkedIn on social media that was negative dropped from a nasty 11 percent to just around 3 percent “within a few days.” Here, Newlands talks about the hazards of the data breach and how LinkedIn’s response went over among its users and around the web:



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