Video: “Future of Engagement” on Facebook’s Olympics Hub


ADOTAS – Just yesterday, Facebook launched its dedicated hub for the 2012 Summer Olympic games in London, and in the latest installment of his Future of Engagement video series, host Murray Newlands takes a look at what the hub does, what the discussion about it around the web has been like — and what businesses can do to capitalize on the buzz around the Olympics, even if they’re not directly involved. Through the Facebook Olympics hub, Newlands demonstrates, you can follow individual athletes, teams and sports throughout the games. The reaction to it has been extremely positive, he observes — but a lot of the discussion of the hub hasn’t been on Facebook at all, but rather on blogs and Twitter. And furthermore, he concludes, “You don’t actually need to be part of the Olympics to jump on the bandwagon.” If your business shares current content related to the games and creates a forum where an audience can gather and have conversations about the events, you can have a piece of the action whether you’re in London or Louisville. The video:



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