Video: “Adjusting Bids for Seasonality”


ADOTAS – Online advertising management services platform provider Marin Software has shared this video from its blog, in which Sam Wilcke, Marin’s director of analytics, explains one common error in adjusting bids seasonally for the better performance. While a lot of companies, he explains, look at revenue over time and choose to increase their bids on a choice date — Wilcke mentions the Fourth of July, which is timely — when they had seen a spike in revenue the previous year. But, he says, in reality, there may have been many more visitors to the site who didn’t purchase anything, or maybe a misleadingly small number of visitors hit the site, and they were simply inclined to spend more for some other reason. Enter revenue-per-click or conversions-per-click metrics. Wilcke takes to the whiteboard to flesh all of this out in the video:


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