TRUSTe Privacy Index Series: 91 Percent Worry About Online Privacy


ADOTAS – According to the latest edition of TRUSTe‘s quarterly Privacy Index Series, 91 percent of U.S. online adults worry to some degree about their privacy online, a figure consistent with a stats from the previous quarter, while 53 percent said they “don’t completely trust completely trust companies with their business online.”

The survey reported 88 percent of U.S. adults as saying they avoid companies that they suspect don’t protect their privacy, but this question of “privacy” is a nuanced one. A lot of the key questions and responses TRUSTe shared with this report had to do with perceptions of privacy more than with any quantifiably risky behavior on the part of whatever companies respondents had dealt with. As discussion around, for example, Do Not Track regulations shows, online users are concerned about privacy, even if they don’t fully understand what “privacy” entails, how their data is used, or the risks that accompany various types of data usage and sharing. No matter what, the end result is that, according to this survey, users overwhelmingly put the onus for protecting their online privacy on the companies with whom they interact: Of the respondents, 93 percent said they believed the companies they deal with online have “a responsibility” to protect their privacy.

To that end, TRUSTe has in the past articulated the importance that businesses take the initiative to protect user privacy, and the company, in a release highlighting the survey’s results, recognized “the urgent need for additional privacy education.” The statement said the company will continue to lead workshops in privacy management and work with the Application Developers Alliance on a Privacy Summit for developers in several cities.

TRUSTe shared an infographic illustrating the survey’s findings and breaking down responses to key questions. Check it out below (click to enlarge):


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