TruSignal and eXelate Join Forces for Highly Targeted Brand Marketing


ADOTAS – What’s that old saying?  “If it looks like a bear and smells like a bear, then it’s a bear?” Maybe not so with high lifetime value (LTV) customers, but TruSignal and eXelate are now helping to make that distinction more accurately. The two leading data companies officially partner their vast stores of aggregated first- and third-party consumer data, and their unique methods of putting it to use, to bring marketers and businesses more accurate analytics which will allow them to target more accurate segments of consumers.

This partnership will make TruSignal’s patented TruAudience service available to all of eXelate’s more than 75 platforms, enabling marketers to target prospects that resemble their existing high LTV customers. And according to the company, it works: TruSignal recently increased a financial client’s LTV by 60 percent, and Altius Education also noted an increase in qualified applicants.

As online spending hit a record high in 2011 at $31 billion, both parties acknowledge the importance and power of more accurate brand marketing. David Dowhan, TruSignal president said in a company publication announcing the partnership, “eXelate’s emphasis on unique and actionable data fits perfectly with the TruAudience value proposition, where we combine real world first and third party data to reach advertisers’ high value audiences — with both precision and scale.”

Damian Garbaccio, CRO of eXelate said in the same document, “TruSignal’s suite of TruAudience High Value Consumer segments help marketers make the best possible marketing decisions through unique online data. We look forward to expanding the distribution of TruSignal’s audience data and collaborating to accelerate marketer performance through the availability of more valuable data combined with proper analysis.”

Even clients who prefer the direct-response model can use TruSignal’s high value profile segments in tandem with eXelate’s syndicated data segments.  Bottom line, this partnership creates marketing campaigns that are effective and scalable.


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