Thinking Outside the Idiot Box: Rovi Offers Advanced Connected TV Ad Analytics


ADOTAS – With the shift away from network TV programming and toward services like HuLu, Netflix, and shows streaming from the web via mitigators like Boxee and XBox, Wii and Roku, accounting for lower subscription cost and fewer commercials, people these days are canceling their cable in droves. So, of course, marketers must become more clever, and television advertising must also make a switch to a new kind of across-platform advertising.

Rovi announced today that it now offers an analytics tool for connected TVs, which may crack the code on how the neo-TV audience thinks. Rovi’s analytics extend the current metrics to include thorough performance reports for advertisers that can analyze high-level metrics against tighter criteria like uniques, clicks and time spent, and these results can be filtered further by location, time of day, and other criteria. Advertisers will now be able to discern the usefulness of their advertising efforts across the media Rovi services.

In a company announcement, Jeff Siegel, senior vice president of Worldwide Advertising at Rovi, said, “Connected TV devices are not only transforming the entertainment landscape, they are also set to fundamentally reshape existing TV advertising models. The Rovi Advertising Network was one of the first platforms to enable companies to develop and test campaigns on new internet-enabled platforms. Since initial launch, we’ve conducted extensive research to help advertisers sharpen campaigns, increased our Network scale by forming new relationships with service providers and device manufacturers, and added a range of pioneering ad functionality. Now, with the addition of comprehensive reporting tools, Rovi offers the end-to-end toolset agencies and brands need to deliver high-impact TV ad campaigns with measurable results.”

The objective seems to be to get smarter marketing on smart TV, and to figure out how to speak to the new streaming TV audience. Godspeed, Rovi. Godspeed.



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