The New Benefits of Using a Facebook “Like” Button in Email


ADOTAS – When it comes to fan engagement, email is the best way to get fan attention and make an impact with your message. This doesn’t mean that social can’t boost your email performance… or that email can’t help improve fan engagement on social networks. Get the best of both worlds with a Facebook Like button in your email campaigns.

Using a Facebook Like button is not new – the buttons have been around for a few years now. You’re probably used to seeing Facebook Like buttons all over the web. Why are we talking about them now? Facebook has made many changes in the last few months that make it more important than ever for fans to be sharing your content.

Open Graph and the Ticker

Open Graph introduced many “activities” to the Facebook world. Originally, Likes were for showing that a Facebook user was a fan of a page. Now, Liking something through a Like button can show that a user recommends a site or that a friend is reading an article. Facebook has made it possible for developers to build their own activities into apps and emphasizes that users should be sharing the things they do online in real time.

So, What About Your Emails?

Email isn’t usually social the way Facebook and other social networks are. We don’t automatically share what we’re reading when we’re reading it. The most social action we usually take with email is forwarding something interesting to one or two friends. Putting a Facebook Like button in email can automatically propel campaigns and newsletters to the social realm.

How? A Facebook Like button in email doesn’t allow a fan to simply “like” a page. Instead, the button posts to the fan’s newsfeed that they “like” the email they’re reading. This can also, in some cases, share a link to an in-browser version of the campaign.

What does a fan communicate to friends when clicking a Facebook Like button in an email?

1. I like this brand.
2. There is information of value in this email because I am taking the time to share it.

We know that fans trust content that comes with the recommendation of a friend. Letting fans share email campaigns on Facebook not only gets content in front of new potential fans, but it also will drive those fans to join the list to get their own emails. Using a Facebook Like button in email turns sharing into an easy, two-click process for all!



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