Report and Infographic: “The State of Agency/Client Collaboration”


ADOTAS – According to a new survey and report, creative agencies and their brand/marketer clients are both similarly bothered by the problems presented in communicating openly and efficiently with each other. And they’re both feeling the pain roughly proportionately: Nearly 40 percent of companies reported declining to work with an agency because they felt the agency didn’t have the right tools for managing the work and the communication, and 41 percent of agencies said a client or prospect had required them to lock a collaboration system in place in order to retain or win an account.

This is good news for Central Desktop, the company that commissioned the report (which surveyed 294 brands and internal marketers and 276 agencies during May and June), because they provide cloud-based workflow/collaboration tools for agencies and their clients. But it’s also possibly edifying to notice folks on both sides of the aisle are annoyed by the same general set of issues. Agency employees complain about workload, their clients, their colleagues, time management and the demands of finding new business. Employees of their client businesses complain about agency turnaround time, lack of agency expertise in their (that is, the client’s) industry, file sharing and file management, quality of deliverables and services and implementation of feedback. Both complained about communication and keeping track of project status.

That’s led clients to put pressure on agencies to have methods of communication and collaboration in place. Among internal marketers surveyed, 24 percent said they required an agency to have a collaborative system in place, and 23 percent said they’d asked an agency to implement one. And 54 percent of client businesses said they’d consider it very or extremely beneficial if the the collaboration tools for a project were unified under one platform and login, while 71 percent said having such a collaboration system in place was a “competitive differentiator” when choosing an agency.

Central Desktop’s full report, “The State of Agency/Client Collaboration,” is available for download on their website, and the company also issued an infographic illuminating the findings of the survey and the benefits the surveyed parties noted from using a collaboration system. Click to enlarge:




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