Jivox Offers New Video Metric, Plus Study: Interactivity in Video Ads Increases Engagement


ADOTAS – Today, interactive video advertising company Jivox released the results of a study detailing the ROI on interactive video ads, and simultaneously offered a new metric, Brand Engagement Lift, to consider when gauging the effectiveness of a video campaign. In fact, the whitepaper the company put together around those survey results analyzed the results specifically for Brand Engagement Lift, which Jivox defined as “the increase in engagement time beyond the length of a video ad.” Whatever other interaction the user has with the brand outside of directly interacting with the ad is combined with the length of the ad, and the percentage of that time that is not the duration of the ad is the percentage of engagement lift the brand sees.

Jivox looked at 259 pre-roll campaigns across its platform from the fourth quarter of 2010 to the second quarter of 2012, looking specifically at ads that were viewed to completion. The study found the average interaction rate was 7 percent, and that extended brand engagement — the extended time the viewer spent with an interactive video ad — averaged 149 percent for these kinds of ads. After breaking down the results into industry verticals, all verticals experienced more than a 20 percent brand lift with interactive video ads. Entertainment saw the highest numbers, with 60 percent Brand Engagement Lift (or 160 percent brand engagement time). The financial vertical saw the lowest Brand Engagement Lift — about 30 percent.

The study investigated what types of interactions users had with these ads aside beyond the time it took to play the ads, and 71 percent of those interactions were custom interactions, something specific to or especially suited for the brand or industry in question. Facebook Likes and shares took a distant second and third, at 9 percent and 7 percent respectively. As a result, the Jivox whitepaper advised pre-roll ads incorporate social media functions as well as custom tools provided with the industry and audience in mind for more and better interactions.

Jivox has also made the whitepaper available through its website.



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