Infographic: The True Cost of Free Website Testing


ADOTAS – With all the effort you put into creating the best product or service your business can offer, then designing a website that looks great, there’s one really important question that sometimes is relegated to an afterthought: Does everything on the site work? Well — you can just check it yourself, right? In this infographic from multivariate testing/personalization/optimization company Maxymiser, there might be some elements of multivariate testing that are too complex for DIY solutions. You might try out a free solution, but if your employees need to take time to do the testing (and figuring out how to do it properly), you lose some money. And partnering with an external website testing company can drive conversions for a business. An outside partner can test more frequently, too. It’s important to consider not just what a testing solution costs, but what you get out of it. Maxymiser’s more thorough explanation in the infographic (click to enlarge):



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