Infographic: Medialets’ Q1 Results for Rich Media Mobile Advertising


ADOTAS – In this infographic from Medialets, it’s clear that rich media ads are a key to engagement.  The stats were collected strictly from mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, and mobile web. Ergo, tap is the new click.

And advertisers are getting wise, with a 100 percent increase over Q4 last year running campaigns in multiple environments.  A meager 20 percent of ad campaigns that ran a mobile component increased to 40 percent.  And those ads with video fared far better than those without, at a 35 percent higher engagement rate across platforms. The numbers showed that users were likely to engage for 20 seconds with ads containing video, and in some cases spent longer than a minute.

As expected, tablet environments boasted more video: 30 percent of all tablet ads used video. Expandable banner ads currently dominate the marketplace, with 64 percent and 60 percent of total ads on tablet and handset respectively.  Not surprisingly, their engagement numbers were lower owing to greater saturation, at 1.4 percent across platforms. Click the image to enlarge:



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