Casale Media Launches an RTB-Friendly SSP


ADOTAS – Today, online media technology company Casale Media launched a new programmatic sell-side platform, called Index Platform, which operates in publishers’ private marketplaces, as well as an attendant feature described in a statement from Casale as “a real-time map of aggregate real-time bidding activity” on the platform, dubbed Index Pulse.

Discussion around RTB often points out that buyers have historically had what seems to be the advantage over sellers, and there’s been much talk about how publishers stand to benefit from allowing programmatic selling, especially of their more valuable inventory. The private marketplace solution is one that’s been presented as a means for publishers to have more control over when and how their ad inventory becomes available to be purchased in real time. That’s the solution Casale’s adapting in this move — according to the aforementioned statement from the company, its new SSP works with Gatehouse Media private marketplace, adhance media, and Casale’s exchange, CasaleX. The company says its RTB technology can be white-labeled for enterprise businesses, and that it’s leveraged with “human classified creative-level management” of inventory. Partnerships Casale mentioned include API integrations with 25 technology providers including MediaMath, DataXu, Adnetic, Turn, Invite Media and The Trade Desk, and the company referenced a set of 10,000 brands across 55 industries. Casale also stated the SSP would be supported by dealID, which the company announces as a “new technology standard” allowing for customized selling within private exchanges.


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