Video: “The Future of Publishing” Talks Pizza, Customer Service, Social Media


ADOTAS Future of Publishing host Murray Newlands met up with Ramon De Leon, the operating partner of a handful of Domino’s Pizza restaurants in Chicago who became internet-famous for the ways he’s used social media to promote his business, at the 2011 BlogWorld convention in Los Angeles, and now he’s sharing his video interview from that meeting. Fortunately, De Leon is a natural in front of the camera, and he’s extremely vocal here in explaining how his Domino’s has been using the web since 1998, when he took to AOL Instant Messenger to communicate with customers (“That was our Twitter before Twitter was invented!,” he says). He goes on to claim he considered taking college classes just to get a .edu email address back when Facebook was limited to college students, to explain how his crew took photos and sent them to customers to share with their Facebook friends, and to detail the evolution of the role video has played in business/customer relationships. De Leon says he and his team made video thank-you notes for customers, then shot video at the restaurants of “20- to 30-second snapshots of what they would love to see” (based on customers’ favorite orders), then started making videos for customer service purposes. One of those videos, a two-minute apology for a botched order, ended up generating 1 million views, says De Leon.  Here’s that interview, in which the ever-affable Newlands can barely get a word in edgewise from a high-energy De Leon:


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