Video: “The Future of Engagement” on New Facebook Reach Stats for Admins


ADOTAS – “Facebook recently launched” might be one of the more frequently-used phrases on the web these days, but nonetheless: Facebook recently launched a feature whereby fan page admins can more accurately monitor the way their fans perceive posts. Specifically, whereas earlier you could see how many views your posts were getting, now you can also see the percent of your fan base looking at a post on the post itself (if you’re an admin), rather than on the admin panel. In the latest episode of video series The Future of Engagement, host Murray Newlands explains the value of that feature for brands. It’s a more convenient way, he says, for bands to see which posts are viewed and engaged with the most by their fans. He talks about the way the feature functions and the way it’s been regarded in discussions around social networks. The video:


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