Video: “Future of Publishing” Talks Video Creation for Brands


ADOTAS – This week’s installment of The Future of Publishing brings together two guys who work as both marketing consultants and content creators: Host Murray Newlands ran into Human Business Works president Chris Brogan at BlogWorld Los Angeles in 2011, and now we’re sharing this video of their discussion. Brogan explains why and how, with all the interest in online video right now, large corporations should use video. “What people are seeking out are more personal conversations,” he says. What that means, he explains, is not that the videos that result should be of poor value, but that they feel more intimate and reflect the customer’s interests more than they trumpet the company’s products and services. Newlands asks him about how companies can convince their fans to create content, and Brogan warns, “Contests are really gamey-feeling. They don’t feel sincere.” But he offers suggestions of how brands might make their customers excited enough about the brand to really want to create content about it. He goes on to offer some tips about blogging. “If you’re going to make something,” Brogan advises, “be clear that you’re passionate about something.”


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