Video: “Future of Publishing” Asks How Brands Can Enter Product Conversations


ADOTAS – In the latest installment of video series The Future of Publishing, we’re down with OPC (other people’s content). It’s about content monetization: How can brands enter the discussion with potential customers around the web, not just on their own brand and social media sites, and profit from those discussions? Hosts Murray Newlands (of Influence People) and Oliver Roup (of VigLink) sit down with LiveFyre‘s Jordan Kretchmer, DisqusDaniel Ha and Huddler‘s Dan Gill to share some ideas. Gill points out that brands should “put a premium on having a one-on-one conversation” because an interaction like that “becomes a one-to-many conversation very quickly.” Kretchmer weighs in that at brand summits he’s attended lately, “all the conversation is about earned media… how to become a content creator without creating content.” If that sounds like a paradox, the panelists have some thoughts about how to pull content from across the web related to your brand’s message and your customers’ interests that don’t overtly relate to your brand. They have examples to share. They also touch upon how publishers might monetize these conversations, if content monetization is indeed so potentially valuable to brands. The video:


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