Video: “Future of Engagement” Explains Google Hangouts on Air


ADOTAS – You’ve already seen how Google+ Hangouts allow you to have a live video chat with a select number of people. But how about Hangouts on Air? That feature, explains Murray Newlands in this new episode of The Future of Engagement, allows you to broadcast live events out over the web to anyone in the world who wants to tune in. “Live can be great for engagement,” he says. “You have a real sense of intimacy with your audience, and immediacy. They can ask you to do things, and you can do them live, on camera, to an unlimited audience.” But there are downsides, he observes — it’s unpredictable, the real-time aspect means you can’t edit, and it’s challenging to have consistently solid content. But he suggests some circumstances in which a Hangout on Air can be beneficial to a company or brand, and he offers some real-life examples of how others have already used the forum well. Here’s that video:


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