Twitter Acquires Staff of Email Marketing Startup

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May 10, 2012 
Brian LaRue  |

ADOTASTwitter wrapped up a talent buy today on the team behind email marketing company RestEngine. RestEngine’s raison d’etre involves delivering targeted, personalized emails that leverage the subscriber’s social graph, and it was founded to help social app publishers communicate with their users in such a way. It’s been suggested the company’s capacities could be used in generating email digests of suggested Tweets to Twitter users, or something more dynamic than Twitter’s current email alerts. Twitter will assume RestEngine’s software and RestEngine as a company will effectively close up shop, with its current clients hooking up with other email providers, while founder Joe Waltman has reportedly declined to join Twitter. Twitter’s scale is significantly greater than RestEngine’s, and/but neither company announced how much the acquisition was worth.

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If Twitter are purchasing email start ups like this, it proves that social media needs email and that it isn’t being killed off but in fact embraced.

Posted by Extravision | 6:01 am on May 11, 2012.

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