Infographic Triptych: April Social Trends Report


ADOTAS – Just as we brought you last monthTaykey has shared its latest set of infographics detailing socially trending conversations of the month that just ended. Taykey looks at trending topics of online conversation so ads can be targeted to particular audiences based on what they’re talking about, and once again they’ve taken two of those audiences — men and women, between the ages of 25 and 35 — and summarized the most popular topics and where they were discussed. Among men, Game of Thrones, the University of Kentucky’s NCAA win and Facebook’s purchase of Instagram took the top three spots, because if there are three things guys love, it’s medieval warrior intrigue, sports and tech… I think. Women discussed, above all, the Country Music Awards, Easter and Titanic 3D, three topics that seem to have no common thread (although the mind draws a line between Easter and the Tupac hologram, dropping in at a respectable fourth place and demonstrating Tupac continues  to maintain a share in the cultural market more than 15 years after his death). Taykey also broke down where the discussion was happening and how social commenters felt about the subject, for two trends — Titanic for women and Instagram for men. Check it out:


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